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Kayakocvid DVM series


DVM series, Circular Type of Dryers

DVM – Circular Type of Dryers series round vibratory dryer machines are used to remove water from the surfaces of products that are wet after deburring or polishing processes and to improve their corrosion resistance. Vibratory bowl sizes are classified based on volume (liter). The appropriate vibration bowl or tumbler volume is selected according to the geometric structure of the parts and daily production quantity.

  • All metal and non-metal materials are rubbed and dried.
  • It saves time and energy with minimum drying time thanks to heating coils.
  • Hot air blow cover and dust absorption system are available as an option. 
  • Efficient ramp angle ensures the evacuation of all products.
  • Vibration impact can be reduced or increased mechanically (by weight).
  • Our high-performance vibration motor is long-lasting and minimizes your service costs.
  • Long bowl life thanks to our abrasion-resistant elastomer type (90 Shore) polyurethane coating.
  • Resistance to acidic environments with double layer epoxy paint.
  • High efficiency with custom-design bowl and chassis height and spring design.
  • As the vibration level can be adjusted with our speed-controlled panels, the most precise surface finishing is ensured on metal and non-metal surfaces.
  • Remote control of the pneumatic ramp lever from the control panel is available as an option.
  • DVM Series electrical panels can work in accordance with automation systems with PLC software.
  • All parts used in our machines are selected according to EU standards. We have CE Certificate.
Description DVM 100 DVM 200 DVM 400 DVM 600 DVM 800 DVM 1000
Diameter of working bowl (mm) 800 990 1200 1300 1500 1700
Engine power (kW), 380V / 50Hz 1,1 1,1 2,2 2,2 4 4
Engine (RPM) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Temperature of the corn granules (℃) 50 50 50 50 50 50
Max. heating power (Watt) 800 1000 1000 1600 2400 3200
Integrated separating unit Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart Standart
Weight (kg) 250 350 480 570 920 1250

DIMENSIONS DVM 100 DVM 200 DVM 400 DVM 600 DVM 800 DVM 1000
A 800 1080 1280 1480 1500 1600
B 400 440 500 550 630 750
C 960 1010 1080 1180 1130 1125
D 680 750 940 1140 1225 1325
E 245 315 380 460 530 565
F 800 1000 1200 1400 1420 1520
G 255 280 305 330 355 355
1 / 7

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