Pipe Fiber Laser

Discover the Best in Pipe Fiber Lasers: LMTube6015 & LMTP6535 Pro

Unlock Precision & Efficiency in Pipe Cutting!
Introducing the LMTube series – where technology meets affordability. Dive into a world of unmatched precision and speed, tailored for both budding craftsmen and seasoned professionals. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for industrial-grade power, the LMTube series has got you covered. Explore our range and elevate your production capabilities.

LMTube6015: Best for Budget!

  • Economic Series: High-quality for the budget-conscious.
  • Power: Up to 3000W.
  • Versatility: Cuts φ20-φ220mm round pipe and up to 150x150mm square tube.
  • Speed: 90rpm/min chuck rotating and 90m/min travel.
  • Precision: Position accuracy at ±0.05mm.
  • Top Components: Panasonic/Yaskawa servo and Raytools auto-focus head.

LMTP6535 Pro: For the Pro User!

  • Middle Class Series: Heavy-duty cutting bed.
  • Greater Range: Cuts φ20-φ350mm round pipe.
  • Extended Length: 6500mm loading and 3500mm blanking.
  • Easy Load: Manual and automatic loading options.
  • Premium Systems: Panasonic/Yaskawa servo and Cypcut FSCUT5000 system.

Сhoose your Pipe Fiber Laser

Superior Pipe Fiber Laser Assistance & Support

Step into a domain of unmatched precision and efficiency with our bespoke pipe fiber laser services:

Fiber Laser Expertise with Advanced CNC Techniques:

  • Leading the way in setup to guarantee maximum operational time.
  • Comprehensive training programs to enhance your team's proficiency.
  • Quick and trustworthy maintenance ensuring continuous peak performance.
  • Timely provision of vital laser components to prevent any delays.

Digital Transformations for Your Fiber Lasers:

  • Integrated software solutions tailored for optimal fiber laser performance.
  • Stay updated with frequent software upgrades, ensuring you're always synced with the latest in laser technology.

Holistic Fiber Laser Transportation Solutions:

  • Detailed disassembly with a keen eye on every component's safety.
  • Reliable and prompt delivery to your specified location.
  • Mastery in reassembly, fine-tuning, and calibration upon arrival.

Embark on a journey with our top-tier pipe fiber laser solutions and amplify your laser cutting abilities.

Showcasing Our Premium Products:

The LMTube6015 shines with its ability to efficiently cut φ20-φ220mm circular pipes and 150x150mm square tubes. This cost-effective model excels with a speed of 90rpm/min chuck rotation and 90m/min movement. Furthermore, its integration with industry-leading components such as Panasonic/Yaskawa servo systems and Raytools auto-focus head ensures exceptional performance.

Meanwhile, the LMTP6535 Pro is designed for the discerning professional. With its sturdy cutting bed, it adeptly manages φ20-φ350mm circular pipes. Offering extended functionality and versatile loading options, and paired with elite systems like Panasonic/Yaskawa and Cypcut FSCUT5000, it remains a top choice for experts.

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