CNC Routers

Series L - Precision Meets Flexibility

  • Customizable Configuration: Choose from a vast range of processing areas starting from 1,6101,610mm up to a massive 8,2002,150mm.
  • Accurate & Reliable: Thanks to the heavy steel frames with thermal stabilization and advanced 5-axis machining center processing, expect unwavering precision.
  • Best For: Businesses looking for a professional solution that's customizable to their unique requirements.

Series M - Quality Within Budget

  • Variety of Tables: Comes in three versions of tables; 2,2001,610mm, 3,2002,150mm, and 4,200*2,150mm.
  • Affordable Quality: The perfect budget option without compromising on the trusted VOLTER quality standards.
  • Versatile Processing: Ideal for processing materials like aluminum, composites, plastics, MDF, and plywood.
  • Best For: Small companies and startups aiming to achieve quality work without breaking the bank.

Series S - Small Size, Big Impact

  • Compact Processing Area: A processing area of 1,030 * 935 mm makes it optimal for the production of smaller parts.
  • Diverse Functionality: Enables milling, cutting, drilling, and 3D-processing on various materials including non-ferrous metals, plastics, MDF, and wood.
  • Unparalleled Precision: The heavy welded steel frame and servo drives on all axes ensure top-tier precision.
  • Best For: Workshops and businesses that focus on the production of intricate, small-sized components.

Series PRO - Industrial Excellence

  • Built for Heavy-Duty: Specially crafted for medium and large businesses that seek the highest level of craftsmanship.
  • Accuracy & Productivity: Features a new processing area design, a heavier steel frame, and reduced vibration for increased tool life and superior processing quality.
  • Best For: Industrial settings where maximum productivity, precision, and longevity are paramount.

Сhoose your CNC Routers

Exceptional CNC Router Assistance & Support for Superior Precision

Delve deep into unparalleled craftsmanship with our all-inclusive CNC router solutions:

CNC Router Assistance for Volter Series:

  • Flawless Installation: Expert setup for every series, ensuring your CNC router is always at its best.
  • Empowerment Training: Equip your team with hands-on training tailored to the unique features of Volter Series.
  • Consistent Maintenance: Fast and trustworthy services and repairs to ensure your CNC router continues performing at peak levels.

Immediate Components Delivery:

  • Guaranteed Stock: Never run out with our promise of essential CNC router parts availability.
  • Rapid Dispatch: Swift delivery services ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Software Solutions Tailored for CNC Routers:

  • Effortless Integration: Smooth software installation, enhancing the potential of your CNC routers.
  • Stay Ahead: Periodic updates to ensure your CNC machines are always equipped with the latest technology.

Comprehensive CNC Router Relocation Support:

  • Diligent Disassembly: Taking apart your equipment with care, safeguarding every component.
  • Reliable Transport: Trust us with the safe conveyance of your CNC router to any location.
  • Perfect Setup: Expert reassembly, meticulous installation, and precise calibration upon reaching the destination.


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