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KIMLA PowerCut 3015 — Sheet Fiber Laser

Main project information: KIMLA POWERCUT 3015 4kW.  Working Area 3000x1500. Laser Source IPG 4kW.  Linear Motors.  Filtration System. 

VOLTER L6020 - CNC Router

Main project information:  Volter L6020.  Work Area: 6000x2000.  Two Vacuum Filtration Units.  Spindle: 10kW. 

KIMLA 2141 Linear — CNC Router

Main project information:  Working area 4x2 m.  Combination vacuum table.  Carousel tool change.  4 vacuum zones.  9kW spindle.  Linear motors. 

KIMLA 2141 5D — CNC Router

Main project information:  KIMLA 2141 5D.  1) BFN2141 5axis.  2) Table Working Size 2100 x 4100 x 1000 mm (X,Y,Z).  3) Spindle working range A axis +/-120o C axis +/-210o.  4) Communication connection through Ethernet, real time.  5) Digital servo drives.  6) Control computer & panel with operating system windows10 LCD 19”.  7) High Speed ​​Machining (HSM) 15,000 program blocks...

LeMans 60200 5D — Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Main project information: LeMans 60200 5D.  6200 mm pipe cutting.  4kW IPG source.  5-axis cutting head.  Automatic workpiece feeding system bundle type. 

LeMans LM1313 — Sheet Fiber Laser

Project at a training center:  LeMans LM1313 compact laser.  Working area 1300x1300 mm.  Precitec autofocus head.  IPG 2 kW source.  Extendable table. The product has been robotized. 

LeMans iBend B40-1250 — Press Brake

Bending press LeMans iBend B40-1250. Bending length 1250 mm. Bending force - 40T. 3D CNC controller. Bending compensation. This product has been robotized. 

LeMans iBend C220-3100 — Press Brake

Bending machine LeMans iBend C220-3100. Bending width 3100 mm. Bending force 220T. 4 axes. CNC compensation.  CNC controller DELEM. 

LeMans LM4022 GF — Sheet Fiber Laser

Laser LM4022GF. Working area 4x2 m. 4kW IPG source. Precitec autofocus head. 

LeMans B06-3100 — Guillotine

LeMans Guillotine B06 3100. Shearing thickness up to 6 mm. Shearing width up to 3100. 

KIMLA 2141 Linear — CNC Router

Milling machine KIMLA 2141. Working area 4x2 m. 9kW spindle. Getinax type phenolic table. Oscillating knife. 

LeMans LM6025GF — Sheet Fiber Laser

Lemans laser LM6025GF. Working area 6000x2500. 6kW source. Autofocus Head. 

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