Press Brakes

Choose the Best in CNC Press Brakes

In the realm of precision bending, our CNC Press Brakes stand out. Engineered for excellence, they promise unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and durability. Our commitment to innovation ensures you're always a step ahead, with advanced technology that simplifies complex tasks. Couple that with our responsive customer support and in-depth industry knowledge, and it's clear why professionals choose us for their CNC Press Brake needs. Elevate your fabrication process with machinery that's built for the future. Trust in our legacy; invest in unmatched quality. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Choose us, choose excellence.


  • Peak Efficiency: Designed for high-throughput bending tasks.
  • Precision Every Time: Synchronized Hydraulic Cylinders ensure consistent results.
  • German Engineering: Equipped with original German hydraulic blocks and Proportional Valves.
  • Why Choose This? Ideal for businesses seeking top-tier performance and high bending accuracy.


  • Flawless Bends: For those jobs demanding impeccable results.
  • Structural Integrity: Steel construction ensures durability and resistance against wear.
  • Stability: Minimal stretch and optimal resistance for steady operations.
  • Why Choose This? Best for precision tasks requiring sturdy machine construction.


  • Built to Last: Prioritizes longevity and consistent performance.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive operations even for complex bending tasks.
  • Service Commitment: Reliability paired with steadfast service support.
  • Why Choose This? Suitable for businesses valuing durability and post-sales support.

LeMans Servo IBend E SERIES

  • Swift Movements: Dual synchronous servo motors make bending tasks swift.
  • Energy-conscious Design: Springs aid in conserving energy during return cycles.
  • Innovative Structure: O-Type body system offers a refreshing twist on traditional designs.
  • Why Choose This? For those aiming for energy efficiency and faster operations.

LeMans Servo IBend S SERIES

  • Technologically Advanced: Utilizes rotational movement of servo motors for superior bends.
  • Power in Movement: Experience the raw bending force during the downward motion of the top table.
  • Why Choose This? Perfect for technologically advanced tasks and demanding bending requirements.

Сhoose your Press Brakes

Elite Press Brake Solutions

Step into the world of unmatched precision and efficiency with our specialized press brake offerings:

CNC Press Brake Expertise:

  • Mastery in installation, maximizing operational hours.
  • Comprehensive training modules to boost your team's skills.
  • Quick and dependable maintenance to sustain optimal functionality.

Timely Component Delivery:

  • Assured stock of essential press brake parts.
  • Rapid dispatch ensuring seamless workflow continuity.

Digital Enhancements for Press Brakes:

  • Smooth software integration tailored for press brake optimization.
  • Frequent upgrades to keep you aligned with the latest in bending tech.

Holistic Transportation of Press Brakes:

  • Detailed disassembly, safeguarding every component.
  • Trustworthy transit to your chosen destination.
  • Precision-driven reassembly, setup, and fine-tuning on site.

Dive into a realm of superior press brake services with our expertise.

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