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KIMLA Universal CNC Cutters

The Kimla universal cnc cutters are machines used for cutting out with oscillating or drag knife. All cutters are equipped with active knife, controlled with servomotors. Machines with oscillating knifes may be furnished with pneumatically or electrically driven heads. Pneumatic heads are high-frequency heads, providing for very high travel speeds in softs materials. Pneumatic heads are used for highly efficient machining of foamed materials of little density. For machining of harder materials and of higher density, e.g.:sealand material, also reinforced with net and steel sheet, the electric heads are recommended that-thanks to employment of two servomotors-feature a very high power. One servomotor is used for adjisting the angle od the knife, and the other one for driving oscillating movement. The unique head power may be obtained through usage of 0.4 kW motor. It allows for performance of production works in different materials, even the ones that once used to be considered impossible to be machined with a cutter.

The universal cutter is employed also in single-layer or multiple-layer cutting of fabrics. The materials are fixated on negative pressure or vacuum tables, divided into sections, thus facilitating works in many works areas.

All machines are equipped with control panels with industrial control computer, together with the proper software. The software, except for controilling machines, allows for preparation of tool path and optimal nesting. It caters for maximum usage of the material within a very short preparation period.

Basic options

Range area [mm] Width 1800, 2200, 2700, 3200 ...
Lenght 1600, 2100, 2500, 3100, 4100, 5100, 6100 ...
Z axis range 200
Oscillating Knife Pneumatic
Electric 1x servo, 2x servo
Drive system Linear Drives(High Speed)
Digital Servo Drives AC High Speed
Table type Vacuum table
Control computer

Additional options

Heads Milling head (spindle)
Creasing head
Marking head
Writing head
Scanner Touch
Joystick control
Safety mats
Basing system
Conveyor system
Receiving table and loading
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