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Tigemma TIGTOWER filter towers


TIG Tower 1200

The filter tower is primarily designed for the extraction of welding fumes and it represents an alternative for extraction in welding areas, especially where there is a high flexibility of individual workplaces. The tower can be handled within the hall according to the current arrangement of welding activities.


  • adjustable times and time intervals for automatic extraction with no staff required;
  • the installation does not require HVAC pipelines;
  • low operating and acquisition costs (no fixed installation of the device);
  • the number of towers in a given space can set the desired air exchange efficiency.

Operating Principle

It is common knowledge that welding fumes are lighter than air. Due to their high temperatures they tend to rise to a height of approx. 4 to 5 metres above the floor of the manufacturing hall where a cloud of concentrated fumes developes. The volume of this cloud increases over time eventually contaminating the whole of the production floor.

The TIG TOWER 1200 fume extractor has been developed to deal with this situation. The combination of its height and the utilisation of a medium pressure fan allows it to effectively extract the fumes before passing them through a high efficiency filtering system. This removes harmful particulates before returning the clean air back into the production hall via the outlet panels. This process is continuous allowing the air quality inside the hall to be maintained at acceptable hygenic limits throughout the working day.


Suction power 12,000 m³/h
Motor power input 7.5 kW
Noise level 70 dB
Degree of separability 99.96%
Filtration area 180 m²
Filter element Filter cartridge 327 x 1205 – 20m² (TIGTOWER)
Number of filter elements 9
Width 1790 mm
Length 2011 mm
Height 3880 mm
Weight 1513 kg
Starter Frequency converter
1 / 4

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