We know that the shipbuilding industry has the highest standards of reliability for every detail and every element of the structure. Therefore, KAMITEKA offers shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises high-precision digital equipment for cutting and processing metal, wood and polymer materials. Our catalog presents industrial robots, the most accurate CNC metalworking machines, laser cutting and laser welding devices of the latest generations. In addition, we advise you to pay attention to reliable lifting systems — they will help move large parts of ships and yachts inside the workshops. 


Manufacturers of furniture and wooden doors KAMITEKA offers specialized machines that allow you to automate most operations. For example, the lines for the production of wooden doors can process all four sections of the door simultaneously with high accuracy. Multifunctional devices for cutting various hardware holes and door hinges will help to improve the accuracy and quality of several operations at once and at the same time save the working space in the workshop.

Household Appliances

In order to work in such a highly competitive sector as household appliances, it is necessary to create an efficient conveyor production capable of quickly adapting to the rapidly changing requirements of the consumer market. KAMITEKA will help manufacturers of household appliances to create a new enterprise or upgrade the equipment fleet at an existing factory. Industrial robots, machine tools and automatic machines from our catalog are easily integrated into existing technological chains, and models with compact dimensions allow them to be used even in historical production workshops with a limited area.

HVAC — Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Manufacturers of heating equipment, ventilation systems and central air conditioners will definitely appreciate modern technological solutions from KAMITEKA. High-precision automatic machines for cutting aluminum sheets, profiles, and bending pipes allow the production of climate systems with high energy efficiency and low noise. Exceptional precision of cutting and molding of parts of complex geometry is a prerequisite in order to produce equipment that meets the requirements of today.

Packaging industry

KAMITEKA supplies devices for cutting and cutting packaging materials - cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic. The high productivity of CNC machines makes it easy to cope with large print runs, and special software calculates the location of parts on the sheet in such a way as to use the material with a minimum amount of waste. These technologies help to reduce costs and make packaging production as efficient as possible. KAMITEKA offers devices with laser cutting and engraving functions for the production of exclusive low-volume packaging made of elite grades of cardboard, wood or genuine leather.


Vehicle manufacturers, as well as specialists in automotive design and auto tuning, will appreciate the opportunities that the equipment from the KAMITEKA catalog opens up to them. Innovative laser cutting systems make it possible to obtain metal or polymer parts with the highest dimensional accuracy and a perfectly smooth edge. With the help of laser cutting and welding devices, developers can quickly create prototypes, test new shapes and design options, and produce improved models for individual orders. Industrial robots for painting will give the product a finished and flawless look.


The production of medical equipment, furniture and equipment is always associated with increased sanitary requirements for the working environment. Powerful industrial vacuum cleaners from the KAMITEKA catalog will help maintain high standards of cleanliness in the workshops. These devices are able to quickly clean the work area from solid particles and even liquids. Filtration units will take care of air purification in the workshops.

Our experts will help you choose the models best suited to the needs of your company. 


Digital technologies help manufacturers of metal structures to improve the quality of metal processing and reduce production costs. The KAMITEKA catalog contains the latest devices for cutting, welding, bending, engraving and painting metal products. Fully automated laser machines allow you to cut metal parts of any shape with the highest precision, and specialized software will take care of using each sheet of metal with maximum benefit. Fast switching from one design to another saves energy and working time. You get an exceptional quality of metal processing and at the same time make your company more efficient and environmentally friendly.


KAMITEKA supplies advanced technological solutions for the aerospace industry. Laser cutting devices allow you to produce parts with the highest precision for the construction of new aircraft or reconstruction of historical models. Digital technologies open up the widest possibilities for developers to work with shapes and materials: you can create prototypes, test them, make changes and quickly get high-quality finished parts with new parameters. The work of an aircraft designer has never reached such speeds: from an idea to a prototype in a matter of hours!

Construction and Building

KAMITEKA offers its services to one of the most successful sectors of the construction market — manufacturers of windows and doors. Our catalog presents a variety of machines, devices and equipment for the manufacture of wooden doors, as well as windows made of PVC and aluminum. Modern technology allows you to automate most of the production processes: cutting, milling, welding corners and the like. CNC machines control the accuracy of all parameters and allow you to increase productivity by simultaneously processing four sides of the product. All machines are easily integrated into existing technological chains and quickly reconfigured to produce new models.

Die and mould

In the digital era, automation controls everything, today even impact presses and industrial guillotines from the KAMITEKA catalog are equipped with CNC controllers. Due to the high level of automation, these devices operate with the highest level of accuracy. The technical perfection of modern impact presses allows them to carve complex parts with several holes of different sizes in one operation. Thus, the time and energy costs for the production of the product are significantly reduced, and the overall production efficiency increases.


Sports simulators are one of the most interesting and dynamic segments of the market. Specialized simulators for training athletes of various sports disciplines are often produced in very limited series, so the equipment for the production of such equipment should be easily and quickly reconfigured to work with new designs. Automated devices for laser cutting and laser welding have the necessary level of technological flexibility. The transition from one model to another takes minimal time, while all parts and technological holes have perfectly accurate dimensions and shape. 

The basis for most simulators is the construction of bent metal pipes. KAMITEKA has collected in its catalog the most up-to-date devices for processing pipes. With their help, the manufacturer can create simulators of various designs and even fulfill orders for products according to individual design. 

Fluid power

The supply of equipment for processing metal pipes is one of the key areas of KAMITEKA's business. Our catalog contains machines with exceptional technological capabilities for cutting, bending, forming and finishing of pipes. With their help, manufacturers of hydraulic equipment can create highly reliable and compact devices of a new generation. CNC machines guarantee perfect accuracy of each operation and independently monitor the geometric parameters of the products. 

Oil production and energy

In such industries as energy and transportation of hydrocarbons, standardization of parameters of equipment connected to systems is important. KAMITEKA offers a range of solutions that can raise the quality and accuracy of your production to a new level. CNC machines, industrial robots, high-precision devices for cutting, welding, molding and finishing will help you modernize production, make it more flexible, reliable, efficient and in line with the spirit of the digital era.


KAMITEKA supplies equipment for the advertising industry, in particular, professional large-format UV flatbed printers. Print on anything: plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal, ceramics. Bring to life the brightest ideas! With the help of printers from our catalog, you can print posters and large-scale banners for outdoor advertising, as well as create unique items for interior design: author's wallpaper, decorative panels or ceramic tiles with a special ornament. 

Another extremely popular type of devices in advertising is automatic machines for cutting and engraving sheet materials. With their help, you can make original POS materials and street signs made of plastic, metal, MDF and even wood.


Do you want to create a highly efficient multi-profile production capable of fulfilling any customer orders? Contact our managers — they will help you choose a fleet of productive and at the same time compact equipment for high-tech processing of metal, wood, plastic, cardboard, leather and fabrics. Modern flexible production means working with digital drawings, instant reconfiguration, exceptional cutting accuracy, the highest quality of every detail. The company, equipped with solutions from KAMITEKA, is able to produce a variety of products and structures in a short time: furniture, souvenirs, theater decorations, exhibition and advertising structures, mobile architectural structures and much more.

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