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Eckert Plasma machine Ruby


Economical solution for small and middle sized companies. Exceptional ergonomics and high class equipment from prestigious suppliers.


The Ruby Eco plasma cutting machine is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a device whose most important features are: optimized construction, ergonomic operation and low running costs.

The innovative advantage of the Ruby Eco machine is the ability to expand with increasing customer needs. Ruby Eco can be upgraded with a more powerful plasma source, increased working area, extra oxygen torch and extraction table, transforming until fully functional Ruby HD machine.

Main advantages

  • Attractive price of a fully equipped basic version
  • High class equipment from prestigious suppliers
  • Use of an ecological water table to reduce noise and pollution
  • Cutting capacity of steel up to 30 mm thickness
  • High durability thanks to the independent construction of the bridge and working table
  • Unmatched ease of use

Standard plasma sources

Kjellberg Max. piercing Max. from the edge
CutFire 100i 20 mm 30 mm

Given data depends on the material involved and its structure. The ability to pierce depends on the material, thickness and also height sensor, and drive.

Technical data

Model Ruby ECO
Drives Servo AC
Cutting width 1500 mm, 2000 mm
Basic working lenght 3000 mm, 6000 mm
Positioning speed 15000 mm/min
Cutting thickness to 30 mm
Positioning accuracy PN-EN 28206
Safety standard PN-EN 13850
1 / 3


Suction table

Suction tables ensure efficient reducion of fumes generated during the cutting process. A self-standing structure is used in the cutting machine, which means that the work table is not physically connected to the rails. This construction ensures there is no heat influence from the table and eliminates the transmission of vibration from the table to the rails to ensure long service life of the rails and the best possible cutting quality.

Water table

The use of a water table in plasma cutting technology has a beneficial effect on reducing the deformation of cut parts, reducing the noise level and improving the quality of the edges of the cut element. Implemented solutions from high-tech cutting machines, such as independent table construction from rail track and bridge, increase the stability, cut accuracy and service life of the machine. Using the water table does not require the installation of a filtering system.

Air Booster

Installation that boosts the existing air pressure from 6 bar up to 12 bar. Thanks to the use of an amplifier we can avoid buying an additional compressor.


A high level air preparation unit that guarantees high quality air necessary for the proper operation of the plasma source, filtering unit, abrasive dosing systems (waterjet) and cutting table. The compressor is equipped with a cooled dryer, filters and a 500 l storage tank.

Fume exhaust system

Fume exhaust system is used to eliminate potentially dangerous fumes and dust by-products of thermal cutting operations. We offer models with filter area within the range 80 to 240 m2 and efficiency up to 15.000 m3/h. The optional spark extinguishing system guarantees damping down glowing embers and provides a longer lifetime of filter cartridges.


Fans are used to extract vapors and exhaust gases generated during metal cutting operations from the suction table. Depending on the situation, fans can be installed indoor or outdoor.

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