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Eckert Sapphire plasma


Robust construction and high productivity for production in perfection. One of the most awarded CNC cutting machine in its class.

Sapphire cutting machine is dedicated to work in the most severe production conditions. It is suitable for three shift work system and guarantees high quality processing to met your needs while keeping efficiency at a substantial level. Sapphire is defined by a stable construction and numerous outstanding technological solutions, which guarantee failure-free use.

Sapphire, as optimal solution for the heavy industry, is popular among the machine production plants, shipyard, and among those who value efficiency and reliability. Considering a broad scope of applications (plasma and oxygen cutting, plasma marking, punch marking, drilling) the machine is a versatile tool created to meet even the most demanding customers’ expectations. Sapphire cutting machine has been utilized more than 400 industrial plants where it is proving its excellence.

Main features

  • highly dynamic and precise in automated 2D/3D cutting of sheets, tubes, beams
  • capability of processing plates up to 200 mm thickness
  • expanded base of predefined cutting parameters
  • unlimited possibility of increasing the length of the working area
Model Sapphire
Drives Servo AC
Cutting width 1500-7000 mm
Basic working length Any length from 1500 mm
Positioning speed 25000 mm/min
Cutting thickness to 200 mm
Cutting quality PN-EN ISO 9013
Positioning accuracy PN-EN 28206
Cutting table height 740-760 mm



Standard plasma power supplies

Hypertherm Max. piercing Max. from the edge
Powermax 65 16 mm 32 mm
Powermax 85 20 mm 38 mm
Powermax 105 22 mm 50 mm
Powermax 125 25 mm 57 mm
MaxPRO 200 32 mm 75 mm
HPR 400 XD 50 mm 80 mm
HPR 800 XD 75 mm 160 mm
XPR 170 40 mm 60 mm
XPR 300 50 mm 80 mm


Kjellberg Max. piercing Max. from the edge
PA-S45W 20 mm 45 mm
HiFocus 80i 12 mm 25 mm
HiFocus 161i Neo 30 mm 50 mm
HiFocus 280i Neo 35 mm 70 mm
HiFocus 360i Neo 40 mm 80 mm
HiFocus 440i Neo 50 mm 80 mm
HiFocus 600i Neo 80 mm 160 mm
SmartFocus 130 25 mm 40 mm
SmartFocus 200 30 mm 60 mm
SmartFocus 300 40 mm 80 mm
SmartFocus 400 50 mm 100 mm
Q1500 30 mm 60 mm
Q3000 40 mm 80 mm


Thermal Dynamics Max. piercing Max. from the edge
UltraCut 100 15 mm 20 mm
UltraCut 200 40 mm 65 mm
UltraCut 300 45 mm 75 mm
UltraCut 400 50 mm 100 mm

The data given depends on the material used and its structure.
The ability to pierce depends on the material, thickness, as well as the height sensor and drive.

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Vortex 3D Head

The fully automated plasma support enables very precise bevelling and chamfering in a single sheet cutting process. Angle of rotation +/- 540° and head angle deflection +/- 52°, makes our cutting machine a universal tool able to work in three dimensions together with preparing welding phases on Y, V and K. Vortex 3D cutting head is equipped with sensors: anti-collision, electrical/mechanical touch and height sensor. This allows using technologies such as: Contour Cut®, Contour Cut Speed®, Diameter Pro® and True Hole®.

Fume exhaust system

Fume exhaust system is used to eliminate potentially dangerous fumes and dust by-products of thermal cutting operations. We offer models with filter area within the range 80 to 240 m2 and efficiency up to 15.000 m3/h. The optional spark extinguishing system guarantees damping down glowing embers and provides a longer lifetime of filter cartridges.

Automatic pallet table

Exchangeable pallet table consists of two working areas which enable the possibility of alternate entering and departing the working area allowing the unloading of finished elements and loading new material. Pallet table is equipped with belt feeder responsible for collecting elements which are to small to retain on the grate. The table is equipped with safety laser gates to realize the required safety of work.


Drilling device is utilized for spot drilling in the cutting elements to preparing thread holes. In many manufactures it successfully replaced the manual spot drilling which was performed at a great cost of time and labor.

Punch marking

The punch marking device is mounted on the special support. The marking system is permanently applying the text inscription on sheet metals. The marking is performed by the tempered needle which is punching on the marked area.

Plasma marking

Marking lines, inscriptions and shapes on the metal sheet - facilitates welding and forming according to specified shapes. Marking is also used in technological description for traceability  of some elements as it is the DIN-EN 1090 Standard requirement.

ESR System

Optional device that can operate outside the cutting machine’s working area, utilizing plasma or oxygen head. The gantry’s special extension allows unimpeded operation of the carriage over the rotator which controls the direction of pipe movement.  The rotator is equipped with special gear with rotary head to cut the pipes of 50-900 mm diameter.

Gantry extension

Gantry extension broadens the machining capability of the large size elements placed in extended area. For quick and easy adjustment extended area is equipped with an additional remote control with all necessary functions.