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LeMans Automatic Panel Bender


LeMans Automatic Panel Bender

Perfectly equipped for sensitive bending.
Energy efficient solutions.

In the panel bender, the bending is carried out by the blade. The sheet is held
immobile by the blankholder during the bending process. The blades are thus able to
perform different types of bending, either upwards or downwards, or they can start
bending from the outermost part of one side, and then the panel bender automatically
performs the bending sequence towards the innermost part. All these operations are
controlled by servo motors to guarantee maximum positioning accuracy in the bending
trajectory, thus ensuring optimal bending results.

  • Multi-edge automatic continuous bending
  • Ultra-high rigidity machine frame
  • Multi-process integration
  • Easy to learn, program and operate

Unlimited bending

Its universal tool concept, along with the possibility of changing customized shaped
tools, make the LPB machine the all-in-one highly versatile solution, allowing the
manufacturing of a wide range of bending applications.
The universal tooling can make both UP and DOWN bending process, without switching
surface of the sheet.

It can also make HEM bending and big ARC bending automatically.
Achieving this type of bending brings ADDED VALUE to the final part

Application of LPB

  • HV/LV Switchgear
  • Aluminum Facade
  • Elevator
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Server Rack
  • Steel Door/Fire Door
  • Shelf
  • Steel Cabinet

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  • 21" industrial display
  • EtherCat bus control
  • Support STP, IGS 3D file direct import and automatic programming
  • 3D programming
  • Real-time 3D simulation of bending steps
  • Intelligent bending compensation database
  • Tooling collision and interference detection and reporting
  • Support auxiliary blades application
  • Multi ways of sheet positioning
LPB Series Panel Bender   Unit LPB-1400 LPB-2000 LPB-2500
Max. Bending Length   mm 1400 2000 2500
Max. Sheet Width   mm 1400 1250 1250
Max. Bending Height   mm 170 170 170
Min. Bending Height   mm 2R+T 2R+T 2R+T
Max. Rotating Diameter   mm 1780 2360 2800
Min. Positioning Width   mm 200 200 200
Max. Positioning Width   mm 1420 2020 2520
Min. Workpiece Size (double sides bending)   mm 140 140 150
Min. Workpiece Size (single side bending)   mm 130 130 140
Bending Angle     ±180 ±180 ±180
Min. Sheet Thickness   mm 0.35 0.35 0.35
  SS mm 1.2 1.2 1.2
Max. Sheet Thickness MS mm 1.5 1.5 1.5
  AL mm 2.0 2.0 2.0
Full Power   KW 40 49 60
Average Power Consumption   K.W.H. 1.9 2.4 2.9
Working Voltage/Frequency   V/Hz 380V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz 380V, 50Hz
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