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LeMans Turret Punch presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel constructions in to a robust structure to provide minimum deflection during operation. Complete solutions with effective costs.


  • Operating System is CNC and hydraulic.
  • LeMans Turret Punch 4 axes controlling; X, Y axes for movement of sheet,
    T axes: Turret rotation, C axis: Auto-index station rotation for indexing tools.
  • 32 station Turret as to allow punching complicated, multi and different size holes parts in a single operation.
  • Auto–index stations can punch to required angle for various angle shape parts with CNC controller.
  • LeMans special narrow bottom table.
  • Precision forming and roller tools can be use on the Turret, therefore HTP Turret punch provides.


  • Special Tool drawing
  • Auto-index functions
  • Auto clamp positioning
  • Automatic Sheet Repositioning
  • CNCCAD provides automatic or manual nesting for effective use of sheet metal
  • Roller Tools usable
  • Common cut function
  • Ribbon cutting for splitting sheet
  • Auto index reducing cycle time functions with rotations to nearest position
  • Tools punch sequence selection


  • Metalix CNCCAD CAD/CAM software offers an integrated system cover to the user which includes the complete cycle of CNC operation.


  • 4 Axes CNC System
  • FANUC PC CNC unit, servo motors and drivers
  • Rexroth and HL hydraulic unit
  • 32 Stations Turret 10 A Stations 16 B Stations 2 C Stations4 D Station(2 of them Auto Index)
  • Repositioning of Clamps
  • Automatic reference
  • CAD/CAM program
  • Automatic Clamping


  • ToolAdaptors
  • ExtraDindexstation
  • Thin&ThickTurretTools
iPunch SERIES 30322-600 30322-900  
Press Capacity 30 30 ton
Max. Sheet Dimensions, Table Size 1250 x 4000 1250 x 5000 mm
X Axis Stroke 2000+Reposition 2500+Reposition mm
Y Axis Stroke 1250 1250 mm
Maximum Sheet Thickness (Mildsteel) 6,0 6,0 mm
Maximum Sheet Weight 160,0 160,0 kg
Biggest Tool Hole Diameter 88,9 88,9 mm
Turret Options 32 32 Station
Turret Stations Feature
10 A Stations øMax:12,7 mm
16 B Stations øMax:31,7mm
2 C Stations øMax:50,8mm
4 D Stations øMax:88,9mm"
10 A Stations øMax:12,7 mm
16 B Stations øMax:31,7mm
2 C Stations øMax:50,8mm
4 D Stations øMax:88,9mm"
Auto index 2 D Stations (4 D Optional) 2 D Stations (4 D Optional) Station
Table Brush and Roller Brush and Roller type
Positioning Accuracy ± 0,1 ± 0,1 mm
Hits Per Minute 600 900 hpm
X, Y Axial Speeds 70 70 m/min.
X,Y Axial Vectorel Speed 100 100 m/min.
Manual Clamp Quantity 3 Manual (Auto Clamp Optional) 3 Manual (Auto Clamp Optional) quantity
Turret Rotations Per Minute 30 30 rpm
Tool Change Time 2,5 2,5 Second
Number of Axis 4 Lor4 pcs.
Control Unit FANUC FANUC type
CAD/CAM Metalix Metalix type
Oil Tank 200 200 lt
Main Motor 11 11 kW
Air Pressure 0,85 0,85 Mpa
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 5500x4500x2100 5500x4500x2100 mm.
Approx. Weight 15.000 15.000 kg.

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