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LeMans LM0609UV


Flatbed Transfer Printing With LM0609UV

Product name : 6090 UV DTF transfer printer
Brand : Sunthinks
Model : SGH6090
Type : Flatbed printer
Printhead : Ricoh GH2220
Working size : 600mm*900mm
Packing size : 2050mm*1650mm*1610mm
Gross weight : 400kg
Application : UV DTF film
Printing precision : 2880*1440dpi
Software : Ultra RIP,colorgate,photoprint

Model type


Printing size


Print head

(RICOH) GH2220

Quantity of printheads



K / C / M / Y / W / V

Ink system


Ink type

Sublimation ink, Eco-solvent ink, Water-based ink, Dye Sublimation , UV INK

Media thickness


Sustain weight


 Lossless precision:30KG


360dpi*300dpi  720dpi*300dpi  720dpi*600dpi  720dpi*900dpi  720dpi*1200dpi

1440dpi*1200dpi  1440dpi*900dpi  1440dpi*600dpi  1440dpi*450dpi  1440dpi*300dpi

Printing resolution

                                                         4Pass  1440*300dpi - 10 sqm/h   720*300dpi- 12 sqm/h

                                                         8Pass  1440* 600dpi- 6 sqm/h    720* 600dpi - 10 sqm/h

Lifting function

Intelligent ink tank lifting,electronic-automatic/manual operation intelligent induction to inspect and adjust height

File format



High speed USB transmission interface

Operation system



1800mm*1230mm*1500mm (Rack type)   1800mm*1230mm*600mm (Flat type)

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