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LeMans LM2030UV


UV flatbed printer LM2030UV

Model: LM2030UV
Printhead: Ricoh Gen5
Working Size: 2000mm*3000mm
Packing Size:3950mm*2260mm*1900mm
Gross Weight:1800KG

These are other details for your referece:

1. Printer head: Ricoh Gen5 / Ricoh GH2220 / Ricoh GEN5S Printheads can optional (100% orignal new from Ricoh)
2. System: UMC system (the same as Ricoh themselves uv printer, to be top1 in China now)
3. Working size: 60*60cm, 60*90cm, 100*130cm (Only our company have), 150*130cm, 250*130cm, 200*300cm

Model LM2030UV
Working Size 2000*3000mm
Media Thickness 1~150mm
Print heads Ricoh   GEN5/GEN5S
Quantity of print heads 3pcs 4pcs 5pcs
Printing Color C/M/Y/K+W C/M/Y/K+W+V                    C/M/Y/K+LC/LM+W C/M/Y/K+LC/LM+W+V
RIP Software Ultra   RIP,Photoprint, Colorgate,Onyx,Caldera
Ink Type UV   Ink: HARD , SOFT AND NETURAL optional
Date Transmission Interface USB2.0
Power Requirement 110V~220V   , 50HZ~60HZ
Power Requirements Operating   Environment Main   Machine:                       2000W
LED UV Lamp:                        400W                  
Vacuum Suction Platform:   750W
Temperature 20~27℃, Humidity 45%~75%
Clean System Automatic   ink Pressure System
Operation System Win7   / Win8 / Win10 / XP
UV Lamp Double   LED lamp: Air cooling / Water cooling
Printing Mode Uni-directional   and Bi-directional
Sustain Weight Max   200kg
Printing Precision 720*2400dpi/16pass,
Directional Printing Speed 4Pass         8square meter/hour
6Pass       6square   meter/hour
8Pass       4square   meter/hour
12Pass     3square meter/hour
16Pass     2square meter/hour
Bi-Directional Printing        Speed 4Pass        16square meter/hour
6Pass        12square meter/hour
8Pass        8square meter/hour
12Pass      6square meter/hour
16Pass      4square meter/hour
Warranty 12months   for machine except print heads

1.  All Steel-Frame Stucture  
better-structured frame made it highly stable and high-precision.

2.  Double Leadcrew for large format printer 
High speed mute imported screw, High-precision low noise, wear proof and precise positioning.
Double screw maintains the accuracy of large format printers.

3.  Double Rail guide
Employ Imported Linear guide, long life service,high stability, immensely decreases noise while printer is printing, with in 40 dB while printing.

4.  White ink, color ink and varnish print simultaneously
Simultaneous printing for higher productivity. 
HARD, SOFT and NETURAL Ink optional, NEUTRAL LINK is compatible with HARD and FLEXIBLE materials.
The ink is stable and can't block the print head.

5  The printhead can support high-intensity work in 24-hour work everyday
Ricoh Original INDUSTRIAL printhead


Application material: 

Printed materials could be: glass, ceramic, ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood board, door sheet, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, plexiglass, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard; flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, cloth, carpet, sticky note, reflective film, leather etc.

Application Areas:

Decoration industry, glass industry, sign industry, exhibition industry, rigid paperboard packing industry, leather, textile printing industry, artware industry, furniture industry etc. 

Our machine can print material includes rigid sheets, such as glass, metal, acrylic, PVC board, MDF, and the flexible material, like film, leather, canvas, wall paper, ceiling paper etc. 

We can provide the printer with excellent performance & competitive price.

You will enjoy our one-stop service.


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