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Waterjet Kimla Streamcut


Low maintenance costs of pump and head

The Kimla waterjet machines are equipped with a high-pressure pump with a pressure intensifier and accessories made by a renowned American company - Accustream. Pumps manufactured by Accustream are competitive with regard to the lowest maintenance costs, which amount to approximately U.S. $ 1.25 per hour of work. It is worth noting that the maintenance costs of some producers are even four times higher. This is especially important because in a competitive waterjet service market the operating costs may determine the success of the project.

Waterjet type Waterjet Kimla
Streamcut 2111
Waterjet Kimla
Streamcut 3116
Waterjet Kimla
Streamcut 4121
Waterjet Kimla
Streamcut 6121
Working range [mm] 2100 x 1100 3100 x 1600 4100 x 2100 6100 x 2100
Operating mass of the bathtub
filled with water [kg]
4500 6200 9800 12000
Z axis range [mm] 200, 250, 300, inne na zapytanie
Maximum cutting
thickness [mm]
Pump type Intensifier pump with ceramic plungers (very durable)
Pump power 37kW (50KM) made by AccuStream (Hypertherm) - the USA
Maximum pump
pressure [bar]
Pressure expanding system of the pump Reducing the pressure on the move and after switching the pump off
Cutting head drive AC Servo with digital encoders
X, Y axes drive AC Servo, no backlash helical drive Güdel - Switzerland
Z axis drive AC Servo, ball screw
Maximum running speed:
X, Y, Z [m/min]
Allowable load on the table [ kN/m2] 15
Bathtub 3D multi-chamber design with a very high stiffness
resolution [mm]
Abrasive grain size [mesh] 80-200
Abrasive feeder tank [kg] 300
Abrasive delivery system Pneumatic
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